TV serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai actor Deepesh Bhan's death due to a fall while playing cricket. All the stars expressed their grief.

Deepesh Bhan's full name is Malkhan Singh, who died while playing cricket. On being taken to the hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

Actors and stars of all TV serials expressed their deep condolences on his death. There was a wave of mourning in the TV serial world.

.His co-actor Charul Malik, who worked with him in the serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, said that I cannot believe it because till yesterday he was very good.

Charul Malik tells that he is a good friend of mine and I used to sit and eat food with him, and used to do all the work well.

The producers of Bhabhi ji ghar par hai serial Sanjay and Binaferr Kohli have expressed deep condolences on his death.

Actor Deepesh Bhan, who worked as the lead actor of Bhabhi ji ghar par hai, will always be in the hearts of the people.

Bhabhi ji ghar par hai's lead actor Rohitashiv Gaur tells that today the time of his show was a little late today, he went to play cricket because it was part of his routine.

There is a wave of mourning among people on the death of Deepesh Bhan at 41 years. It is said that he did not smoke and consume intoxicants.

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